15" Wide - Base Cabinet - Spray Painted Doors - Single Door Cabinet



Cabinet Door Material: HDF (High Density Fiberboard) Spray Painted 

Cabinet Door Thickness: 3/4

Door Back: White 

Hinges: Softclose 

Material Thickness: Particle Board 5/8 or Birch Plywood 3/4

Cabinet Back: Particle Board 5/8 or Birch Plywood 3/4

Cabinet Box Height: 31" plus adjustable legs (about 35" total)

Cabinet Depth: 24 Inches (without door)

Adjustable Legs: 4 Adjustable Legs - 3.5"- 5"

Adjustable Shelves: 1 Shelf

Drawer Box Height: 4 Inches

Drawer Box Depth: 18 Inches

Edge Tape: Particle Board - White, Birch Plywood - Birch Finish 

Handle Holes Not Pre-Drilled

Assembly: Comes Assembled, with Screws

Sides of the cabinets are not finished, are exposed by screws. You must buy and install a finished panel on the exposed side.

You must consider the thickness of the finished panel into your drawings, as it will increase the overall size of the cabinet by 5/8 - 3/4 each side.

Handle holes are not pre-drilled on the doors. The doors are attached on the cabinets.

Pictures are used for illustration purposes only. 

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